16 de jul de 2013

But you were never really there

The only thing that matters

"- Beauty? Brains?
- Companhionship. Have you ever had a companion in your life?
- Sure, I've dated a lot of girls.
- Oh, horse feathers. I mean a real companion.
- Mmm... How will I know?
- There's only two ways to know she's your real companion. You either know it when you meet her, or know it when you lose her. your companion is a woman you care about. A woman you could call your best friend. A woman you could tell anything to. A woman whose hand you really want to hold."

15 de jul de 2013

I do (not) need help.

What's missing?

"Uma mulher precisa de apenas duas coisas na vida: um vestido preto e um homem que a ame"

Coco Chanel

14 de jul de 2013


"All I do is eat and sleep and sing"

1 de jul de 2013


10 years gone by...
Seem like yesterday.