28 de jul de 2008

The other side of the world

Over the sea and far away
She's waiting like an iceberg
Waiting to change
But she's cold inside
She wants to be like the water

All the muscles tighten in her face
Buries her soul in one embrace
They're one and the same
Just like water

The fire fades away
Most of everyday
Is full of tired excuses
But it's to hard to say
I wish it were simple
But we give up easily
You're close enough to see that
You're the other side of the world to me

On comes the panic light
Holding on with fingers and feelings alike
But the time has come
To move along

The fire fades away

Can you help me
Can you let me go
And can you still love me
When you can't see me anymore

The fire fades away

Kt Tunstall And Martin Terefe

Um comentário:

Riddle disse...

I wander through fixin' to look for the truth, buried beneath all the lies. Now stood out a distance to feel who you are, hidin' myself in your eyes.

nothin' is real 'til its gone.
Hold on before its too late until we leave this behind